Stiftung Warentest: burdened warning carcinogenic substances in cosmetics

cosmetics based mostly on mineral oil with carcinogenic substances
Stiftung Warentest discovered probably carcinogenic pollution in 25 cosmetics and toiletries based mostly on mineral oils. About the fragrant hydrocarbons (MOAH, „Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons“) meals had been mentioned up to now, particularly in connection. The examination of shopper safety makes it clear that there’s additionally want for additional motion with regard to cosmetics.
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Many cosmetics include substances based mostly on MOAH
Mineral oil based mostly substances are sturdy, cheap and don’t trigger allergic reactions. Unfortunately, even carcinogenic substances might be included within the combination of drugs. All 25 merchandise examined, which included lotions, hair waxes, Babysitting and lip care merchandise, physique oils and petroleum jellies, contained MOAH as Stiftung Warentest reported. Your content material various from zero.005 to N %. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), arrived at an identical research on a MOAH-share of as much as H %.

Einige Kosmetik-Produkte mit fragwürdigen Substanzen gefunden. (Bild: Das sind die Krebs-Anzeichen:
Some beauty merchandise with questionable substances discovered. (Image: these are the Cancer signal:

MOAH have been thought primarily in meals as a priority, as they’re consumed. But additionally about lip care merchandise, the substances can enter the mouth. „Therefore we don’t advocate lip care merchandise from mineral oil-based mostly. Also Vaseline shouldn’t be used on the mouth. Even lotions might entry via his palms in his mouth, „write the tester to the web site of Stiftung Warentest. Thanks to a refining their evaluation method, it was potential to detect these problematic substance group. The technique of testing the purity which is obligatory for all producers just isn’t enough as not all crucial supplies have been found there.
So far solely in meals thought-about essential MOAH have been
Especially together with the meals based mostly on mineral substances beforehand thought-about critical. So MOAH can hike on the packaging within the meals, for instance from the printing inks.

Both the European Food Safety Authority and the BfR got here to the conclusion that MOAH might favor the event of most cancers. „At the MOAH Group (…) even carcinogenic substances can embrace. In precept, such contaminations are undesirable in meals „BfR writes on the event of an investigation by Stiftung Warentest from 2012, have been in proof in Advendskalender chocolate MOAH.

The EU Cosmetics Directive bans using carcinogenic substances – with a number of exceptions. Also probably carcinogenic substances like MOAH shouldn’t be utilized in cosmetics, however there are not any limits for the substances in skincare merchandise.

MOSH are also suspected of being dangerous to well being
The testers discovered subsequent to the MOAH additionally referred to as MOSH (mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons), saturated hydrocarbons, which aren’t to be carcinogenic on the present research go well with. However, EFSA can MOSH According deposited in small globules within the liver, spleen, lymph nodes and different organs. In people, that might have however in line with present information no irritation or different injury outcome.

To what extent MOSH and particularly MOAH be absorbed by means of the pores and skin and trigger well being issues, continues to be unclear. BfR believes injury as unlikely. „Health dangers from ingesting mineral oils in cosmetics on the pores and skin cannot be anticipated for shoppers based mostly on current information,“ citing Stiftung Warentest Andreas Luch by BfR. But it existed „bigger knowledge gaps“ that may particularly in oral absorption of cosmetics „complicate analysis“ the. With regard to its personal investigations to polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons in shopper merchandise, the BfR had communicated the top of 2010: „It was additionally verified that alkylated polycyclic aromatics MOAH migrate in direct contact to the pores and skin and subsequently also can contribute to a well being danger.“

results of mineral oils on people haven’t but been sufficiently explored
For Dr. Konrad Grob, analyst on the State Laboratory in Zurich, Mineral oils are in all probability the strongest contamination of the human physique. „The quantities of MOSH in liver, spleen and lymph nodes are sometimes alarmingly excessive,“ says Grob. „It can be essential to understand how a lot of meals, from cosmetics or comes from the setting. Because we cannot rule out that the pores and skin is a supply of contamination, there’s an pressing want for additional analysis. “

All cosmetics based mostly on mineral oil contained MOSH. „We know usually too little concerning the attainable penalties of mineral to man, additionally of MOSH,“ says Konrad Grob. „We are in all probability far too lengthy too careless dealt with it. What we have now mastered unsure we should always not use it. „(AG)
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Wrap for the neck, stomach, pulse or calf

winding are again in style. They belong to the previous residence cures that already Pastor Kneipp has utilized in reference to its hydro-remedy with success. Everyone is aware of Wadenwickel that used to return with a excessive fever. However, there are a selection of winding recipes that may speed up therapeutic along with the debt Medicine or different naturopathic remedies. Together with the cloths numerous lively substances are used. These embrace water, herbs, important oils, cheese, cell salts, therapeutic earth and far more.

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As winding act

This previous house cures strengthen the immune system, scale back irritation and subsequently ache. They are, relying on the appliance, both cool or heat, promote blood circulation, used for purification, loosen cramps and present based on the lively components used many different constructive results. Nevertheless winding are not any magic method. In extra critical illnesses or if there isn’t a enchancment, going to the physician or medical practitioner is required.

Krankes Kind mit Wadenwickel
Wadenwickel decrease fever are the preferred software, however could be utilized additionally to quite a few different complaints winding. (Image: photophonie /

Treatment with winding represents a so-referred to as stimulation remedy. Depending on the temperature and measurement of the package deal, this implies a weak or robust stimulus for the physique, after which the latter then reacts. One instance is the properly-recognized Wadenwickel through which with a cool wrap the physique is disadvantaged of warmth. The precept „much less is extra“ applies right here – as so typically – to. This signifies that the stimuli ought to be mild, so the physique is neither cools nor overheated. The youthful the affected person, the decrease the stimulus and the period of remedy ought to be. The talked about software occasions refer usually to youths and adults.

What to be thought-about when making use of wrap should

This agent requires some preparation. The following have to be noticed: A winding is carried out not on the wing however requires a relaxed environment. To whereas to actually relaxation, going to the bathroom is a should earlier than. Directly after the meal, but in addition with a growling, empty abdomen shouldn’t be advisable a winding software. Cold compresses ought to by no means be utilized to chilly pores and skin. Cold ft are earlier than, greatest, warmed by a foot tub. In any allergic reactions to look out for when the package deal incorporates components, reminiscent of herbs or important oils. Coffee, black tea, alcohol and nicotine must be prevented earlier than the remedy.

Warm, scorching or chilly? Which winding out of the query?

Adults and adolescents are requested to what temperature they crave. Rejects somebody chilly beginning or famous that this isn’t good, a chilly winding must not ever be utilized. For infants and toddlers are usually used heat compresses, as would chilly or scorching place a robust attraction.

Warm Wrap

heat compresses are used when refrigeration isn’t proven, is scorching however equally unsuitable. A heat wrap is for instance sinus, bladder and renal pelvis or in neuralgia the drug of selection.

Hot Wrap

Hot winding via heat robust and are solely appropriate for youngsters and adults. They do properly in pressure within the again and assist with abscesses or boils.

Cold Wrap

Cold winding deprive the physique warmth. They are sometimes used along side fever, joint irritation, swelling and ache.

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Cold Wadenwickel deprive the physique warmth and scale back fever. (Image: Henrie /


For a winding requires the next: An inner material made from cotton or linen, an intermediate material as cotton or linen, an outer material, probably wool. If that is too difficult, to a completed nappy set involved.

The measurement of it inside the material is determined by the world to be handled. The internal material is all the time the material that’s impregnated with the suitable liquid or after which the components for use are positioned. This is roofed with an intermediate material. The outer layer types the outer material is usually manufactured from wool or silk. In some purposes, somewhat uncooked wool or cotton are nonetheless wanted.

wrap for the neck

In basic, the entrance and aspect of the neck are coated with the inside material, however the backbone ought to all the time be stored free. A cool and even chilly neck wrap helps a sore throat, particularly when the events concerned are lengthy for chilly drinks. For both cool or chilly water or components, akin to lemon juice, lemon slices or cheese are used.

lemon wrap for the neck – lemon juice or lemon slices
The juice of a lemon is added to the water and thus the inside soaked material. Alternatively, lemon slices can be utilized. For this, a lemon is minimize into skinny slices. In the center of a cotton material as many lemon slices are positioned in order that if you create the backbone stays free. The free ends of the material may be folded over and knocked his fist on it, so the lemon juice can escape. Then the coil is positioned across the neck. In coming intermediate and outer material. Once an itch arises, the wrapping is eliminated instantly, in any other case after about half an hour.

Quark packs for neck
Wrap with cheese are a number of the house cures comparatively recognized. Cottage cheese wrap for the neck helps neck and throat ache, even when they’re fairly robust. Quark has the present to attract irritation out of the physique. Quark smells fairly disagreeable, particularly when it’s heat. Therefore, youngsters reject this winding from typically. However, simply the quark variant a very efficient winding sort.

For this Magerquark is utilized to the middle of the internal material. The two free sides are struck it and the winding is briefly positioned on the heating, in order that it’s tempered. The skinny aspect of the internal material comes on the neck, above the intermediate material, then the woolen scarf. Caution: Again have to be „free quark“ the backbone. The wrap may be worn so lengthy, till the cheese is heat. If you’re taking the winding warning. The dry cottage cheese crumbles grow to be very robust.

potato wrap for the neck
The potato wrap helps slight dysphagia. If the signs are extreme, the selection is best on the lemon curd or variant. The potatoes are cooked in shell, wrapped in a paper towel after which crushed utilizing a potato masher or comparable kitchen software. The entire factor comes nschießend within the middle of the internal material, the 2 free ends come about and the skinny aspect of the reel is positioned on the pores and skin. Caution, the winding is scorching and it might be mandatory prior to make use of even just a little bit cool. An intermediate material is just not urgently wanted right here. However, the inside material could also be coated with uncooked wool or cotton and above comes the wool scarf – prepared is the potato wrap. This retains the warmth for a very long time and stays on the neck, so long as it’s perceived as nice.

honey wrap for the neck
Honey has a robust anti-inflammatory impact, which can be utilized properly for a wrap. So the inside material thick coated with honey (about half a centimeter thick) is and the 2 free ends are crushed concerning the honey wrap. The skinny aspect of the material ought to then cowl the entrance and sides of the neck. In coming between material and outer material. This wrap could be worn one to 2 hours.

Wrap for the ears

ear infections are all the time in medical remedy. However, an ear winding help the remedy properly and scale back the irritation.

chamomile wrap for the ears
Chamomile is a house treatment that’s turning into more and more common in the present day. It acts primarily inflammatory. For the winding dried flowers are positioned in a bag a few handful. This is then heated between two scorching water bottles, then positioned on the affected ear and glued with a hat or a headscarf there. To improve the impact much more, the individual involved or the laying on a scorching water bottle or a bag, warmed spelled with the affected ear. The winding may be repeated a number of occasions a day and is eliminated after about an hour. The affected ear is then stored nonetheless barely heat. Drafts is completely to be prevented.

onion compress to the ears
Onions have anti-inflammatory and thus relieves ache. Although this wrap doesn’t odor simply fantastic, he ought to undoubtedly be tried out at an ear an infection. Children reject him at first, however when you really feel its impact, they ask even then in case of complaints. Especially with robust ear ache, this can be a good house treatment to offer aid. For the onion compress a medium onion is chopped, positioned in a skinny material or a finger cot, heated between two scorching water bottles a bit after which positioned on the ear or behind the ear (to the bone). In comes a bit uncooked wool or cotton and is fastened with the entire cap or headband. Again, the impact may be supported by the mendacity on a warmth supply. After an hour of onion wrap is eliminated and the ears proceed to be protected by cap or headband.

Ill Baby with aching ear _ inflammation of the middle ear
winding towards earache in infants might be fastened with a cap or a headscarf to the ear. (Image lisalucia /

Wrap for breast

Wrap for breast assist with cough, phlegm, and glued dental coughing. The chest compress solely the entrance is positioned on the higher physique in younger youngsters, in older youngsters and adults might this virtually spherical, are recess spinal created. The impact of the breast roll is supported by the ribs space is left and proper stored heat by scorching water bottles.

Quark packs for breast
Application see Quark packs for the neck.

Hot lemon wrap for chest
The lemon wrap is an effective house treatment for fastened dental cough. This requires an intact, insensitive pores and skin, as a result of the lemon juice might result in pores and skin irritation. When this happens, the wound have to be eliminated instantly and the pores and skin with a nourishing cream, for instance Ringelblumensalbe provided.

For the winding is pressed a big lemon and combined with scorching water. Thus, the inside material is soaked, which is across the chest, with the backbone recess created. The lemon wrap can keep there for half an hour. The pores and skin ought to be provided with an appropriate nourishing cream or ointment.

wrap with lavender oil for breast
Lavender has a soothing, calming, but in addition anti-spasmodic impact. The breast wrap with lavender oil thus helps restlessness, problem falling asleep and in addition for dry cough and phlegm. For this, a cotton material dipped in ten owned lavender oil, then packaged in aluminum foil and heated between two scorching water bottles round ten minutes. The material chest is roofed, about even comes one thing uncooked wool or cotton and most just lately a woolen scarf. The winding can stay in place so long as is snug.

winding with thyme for breast
Thyme is a really wonderful herb that does a great job with coughs. As tea this house treatment is on everybody’s lips. For the chest wound of a pint of water and two teaspoons of thyme herb tea is boiled, within the then the inside material is dipped. The wrung material then cowl the pores and skin, about an intermediate material and a wool scarf and eventually arrive at every fringe of a scorching water bottle. The period of remedy is roughly one hour.

wrapping for the abdomen

A easy residence treatment for stomach ache, bloating, but in addition to sleep and loosen up the stomach wrap. As a treatment right here chamomile and caraway oil could also be used.

wrapping for the abdomen with chamomile
From a handful of dried chamomile flowers and a half liters of water a tea is ready. Thus, the inside material is soaked after which positioned on the stomach. In coming between material and woolen material. If you want, nonetheless places on a scorching water bottle. Solang the winding is scorching, it may well keep in your abdomen.

Wrap the stomach with caraway oil
This variant is particularly applicable when bloating. The internal material is soaked with 10% seed oil, wrapped in aluminum foil and heated between two scorching water bottles after which positioned on the stomach. This winding has been serving to infants once they endure from bothersome bloating and / or cannot tolerate the change in weight loss plan. The inside material is greatest coated with some uncooked wool or cotton after which fastened with the woolen scarf. This winding is allowed to remain in a single day.

pulse winding – arms and ft

Puslwickel are an alternative choice to the recognized calf wrap. That is, they’re utilized simply as with fever. For this, water (temperature P-A levels under physique temperature) combined with a bit freshly squeezed lemon juice. This small towels are soaked after which positioned round every each pulses of arms and ft. In coming between towels and the entire is fastened to the perfect of wool tops. This house treatment is renewed each ten minutes and repeat the appliance 3 times. After a break of at the least one hour is important.

Various winding

Specific variants of the winding can be utilized towards veschiedene extra complaints, the lively elements play a serious position.

wrap with therapeutic earth
A wrap with therapeutic earth helps with sprains, joint ache, an abscess, and extra. Hot or chilly water, relying on the signs and emotions, is combined right into a slurry with therapeutic clay after which painted in the midst of a cotton material. The different two ends are wrapped and delivered to the winding with the skinny aspect of the diseased space. A therapeutic earth wrap can keep there so long as is snug.

Quark packs for joint issues
Joint ache – particularly if they’re acute and inflammatory – reply fairly nicely to an software with Quark. For the curd shouldn’t be utilized on to the pores and skin, however as given within the therapeutic earth wrap a towel. The Quark packs might properly keep there lengthy, as does good.

wrap with mustard on the joints
In continual complaints of mustard wrap is an effective residence treatment. For black mustard flour with heat and even scorching water is combined to a paste after which positioned on a material. This is taken from each side and secured by the use of a gauze bandage on aching joints. The wrap is eliminated instantly when the entire thing begins to burn, in any other case after 5 to 10 minutes.

A wrap from beeswax
A beeswax version could be very particular and even for the smallest youngsters. The accomplished beeswax pads might be bought on the pharmacy. They are coated with paper after which heated between two scorching water bottles. They can then be positioned immediately on the pores and skin. They assist with coughing, joint – and again issues and relieve stomach ache and bloating. (Sw)
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MHH: New cooling cap prevents hair loss in chemotherapy

Special chilly hoods can considerably scale back throughout most cancers remedy occurring hair loss. For most cancers sufferers, this invention represents a big aid. This technique of medical professionals of the Medical University of Hanover has been developed (MHH). However, the insurance coverage corporations refuse to pay the prices.
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remedy idea „DigniLife“ reduces hair loss
Approximately seventy one,000 ladies recognized in Germany annually from breast most cancers. Many of them should bear chemotherapy with onerous uncomfortable side effects. As a nasty aspect impact skilled by most the lack of hair. The Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) examined for one yr the remedy idea „DigniLife“, with which the hair loss might be considerably lowered. It is predicated on the sensor-managed cooling of the scalp in the course of the intravenous administration of the chemotherapy. „We have up to now handled 19 sufferers accompany remedy and achieved excellent outcomes. Most ladies have been very glad, „says Professor Dr. Tjoung-Won Park-Simon, Deputy Clinic Director and Head of Gynecologic Oncology. The expertise on the MHH Women’s Hospital confirmed the producer’s research. The MHH is the one medical facility in Lower Saxony, the place the scalp cooling is obtainable.

Neue Therapie verhindert Haarausfall. (Bild:
New remedy prevents hair loss. (Image:

hair stands not just for magnificence
The hair is an expression of femininity for a lot of ladies. During chemotherapy, the already significantly lowered the standard of life, the hair is of concerning the magnificence past which means. „The hair loss ladies expertise typically affected than stigmatization,“ explains Dr. Sophia Holthausen-Markou, senior doctor on the Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy. The gynecologist helps breast most cancers sufferers in all remedy phases psychotherapy, psychosomatic and psychoonkologisch. Without hair the illness for the entire social setting is clear. „Sufferers cannot determine who ought to know concerning the illness and who doesn’t. This is a big lack of self-willpower. Without hair to stay, it’s troublesome to past the already altered physique picture combine, „says Dr. Holthausen-Markou.

chilly protects the hair roots
If the hair could be maintained, which is an enormous win for the sufferers. The precept of scalp cooling for the prevention of hair loss isn’t new. Already within the seventies there was to first steps. At the MHH Hospital for Women domes have been used to chill the scalp within the nineties earlier than – with out the specified success. Good outcomes docs and nurses now with the brand new era and the „DigniLife“ idea the corporate Sysmex. The gadget within the MHH was donated by the personal basis Roparun. An important element is a silicone cap that carries the affected person throughout intravenous administration of the chemotherapy. Using this cover scalp sensor managed uniformly, persistently and comprehensively cooled to between three and 5 levels Celsius. „Due to the chilly might trigger the native blood vessels and metabolism shuts down,“ explains professor Park-Simon. „As a end result, the drug is regionally not so properly acquired and cannot function in full as properly. So the hair roots are protected. „Can not totally forestall the hair loss, nevertheless it falls considerably much less hair out. More than half of sufferers who go for the scalp cooling can, with no alternative headgear as wig, scarf or hat. „Especially good is the success of our mostly used commonplace remedy for breast most cancers,“ says Professor Park Simon firmly.

Better high quality of life

So it was with Sabine M. When forty eight-yr-previous Hanoverian in September 2014 breast most cancers was discovered. „The analysis is a large shock and psychological misery throughout sickness tremendously,“ she says. When she heard of the potential of chemotherapy to maintain the hair whereas she needed to understand the supply of scalp cooling essentially. „For me, the method has labored properly. While my hair was thinner, however I’ve by no means used a hat or a shawl, „she recollects. „For me it was an enormous win on high quality of life, to not need to run round for all to see with the most cancers. The hair receipt was for me a receipt of my dignity. „His hair was for Sabine M. state of affairs a bit of regular life. „This additionally contributes to the restoration of normality in“ is satisfied.

No money efficiency
Chemotherapy for breast most cancers takes a mean of six months. The at MHH mostly carried out remedy of breast consists of sixteen infusions with cytostatics. The scalp cooling throughout intravenous administration prices per software eighty five euros and isn’t reimbursed by well being insurers. Nevertheless, curiosity within the scalp cooling is giant. 60 to 70 % of affected ladies want to take the supply. The system may be dealt with concurrently on the two sufferers is nearly at full capability. The software is nicely tolerated. „Overall, the method could be very properly tolerated,“ says Dipl.-Sozialpädagogin Brigitte Rode, who takes care of the sufferers psychoonkologisch. The cooling of the scalp begins half an hour earlier than the infusion and continues to be maintained about an hour afterwards. „Some ladies complain to the date of software of a headache, however most of them are stunned at how properly they stand up to the chilly,“ explains Brigitte Rode. It additionally occurred to Sabine M. „There was a quick second when I thought, now it’s the similar disagreeable. But then, the temperature rose by half a level and it was again to endure nicely. „She is comfortable that there was the likelihood to maintain their hair for them. „I would hope that extra ladies have this opportunity and check out the gadget.“ (Pm)
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More than A espressos per day are dangerous

More than 4 robust espressos or different comparable drinks containing caffeine shouldn’t drink per day. More from the decide-me-caffeine can injury the well being. This has been decided by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) researchers. Approximately four hundred milligrams of caffeine per day have been in line with the research „innocent“. An espresso incorporates about 70 to one hundred milligrams.
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research comparability on behalf of European nations
EFSA has a Scientific Opinion on the security of caffeine revealed through which it estimates acute and every day doses, that are innocent to the wholesome basic inhabitants. The report additionally incorporates suggestions for consumption of caffeine from all meals sources together with bodily train in addition to potential dangers of caffeine consumption together with alcohol, different substances contained within the so-referred to as power drinks and synephrine, a substance which is more and more to be present in dietary dietary supplements.

Nicht mehr als vier Tassen Espresso pro Tag. (Bild: grafikplusfoto/fotolia)
not more than 4 cups of espresso per day. (Image: Graphics Plus Photo / Fotolia)

When human consumption stimulates the central nervous system Caffeine, and in average doses, it will increase alertness and reduces the sensation of fatigue. Caffeine is a naturally occurring chemical compound present in plant elements comparable to espresso and cocoa beans, tea leaves, guarana berries and cola nuts. „The danger to well being just isn’t big, however it exists,“ stated an EFSA spokesman. „The most essential message is that buyers want to think about the varied sources of caffeine along with the espresso,“ he stated. In addition to espresso additionally include sure teas, colas and power drinks, particularly the stimulant substance.

For the ultimate analysis plenty of suggestions from Member States, shopper associations, business and different stakeholders have been thought-about. These have been carried out, amongst others throughout a two-month on-line session and a gathering with stakeholders in Brussels.

This is the primary time that the dangers of caffeine are evaluated from all meals sources at EU degree. Previously, a variety of danger assessments by nationwide and different related our bodies have been carried out all over the world which were analyzed by the EFSA working group intimately.

The European Commission, EFSA had requested for the current evaluation, after a variety of Member States had expressed concern about well being issues associated to the consumption of caffeine – notably with respect to heart problems, results on the central nervous system (for instance, in type of insomnia or elevated nervousness) in addition to potential well being dangers for fetuses in pregnant ladies.

already recognized knowledge have been analyzed for the compilation. It was discovered that in younger adolescents the edge of security in three milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of physique weight. These are, for instance, two glasses of cola with one hundred fifty milligrams when the younger weighs about 50 kilos. Pregnant ladies shouldn’t greater than 200 milligrams of caffeine to take (P espressos), so they don’t endanger the unborn baby.

Too a lot espresso: nervousness and palpitations
Who in solely a short while as an grownup takes four hundred to 500 grams of caffeine, quick inside restlessness, nervousness, nausea, dizziness and palpitations can get. This is feasible particularly in people who drink in any other case relatively uncommon espresso. (Sb)
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Pumpernickel solely real with blue and yellow EU seal

The Westphalian Pumpernickel acquired lately by the European Commission, the award and registration as a „protected geographical indication“ (PGI). It is a blue and yellow EU seal. Consumers ought to search for when shopping for it in the event that they need to purchase an unique and wholesome product.

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The „Westphalian Pumpernickel PGI“ is a pure pure product. It is produced in response to centuries-previous custom of meal and grains of rye, water and salt. Only yeast, malt or sugar beet molasses will not be allowed. In no occasion preservatives or different chemical components could also be used. Moreover, the manufacturing continues to be the identical as half a millennium. It requires a number of care and feeling and much more time -. A very particular commodity in our globalized world

Gesundes Pumpernickel (Bild: azurita/fotolia)
Healthy Pumpernickel (picture azurita / Fotolia)

at the very least sixteen hours is slightly cooked than baked the Westphalian Pumpernickel within the steam cooking chamber with overpressure, however solely about one hundred levels. That will get him the nutritional vitamins and fiber, giving it shade and construction, making it juicy and barely candy.

„this custom and dedication to naturalness, originality and purity of this Westphalian delicacy are the member corporations of the protecting affiliation Westphalian Pumpernickel eV dedicated,“ stated the chairman, Thomas Gill. (Pm)

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